Zeiss Lightsheet 7


Your Light Sheet Microscope for Multiview Imaging of Living and Cleared Specimens

Life sciences research can put big demands on your imaging capabilities: sometimes you need to image whole living model organisms, tissues and cells as they develop. Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) with its unique illumination principle is ideal for fast and gentle imaging of such specimens. The exceptional stability of Lightsheet 7 lets you observe living samples over extended periods of time – even days – with less phototoxicity than ever before. What’s more, use this light sheet microscope to image very large optically cleared specimens in toto, and with subcellular resolution. Enhance your Lightsheet 7 with dedicated optics, sample chambers and sample holders to accurately adjust to the refractive index of your chosen clearing method, and then image your large samples, even whole mouse brains. All of this flexibility comes in this proven and stable boxed light sheet microscope from ZEISS.  


  • Image Optically Cleared Specimens

Which optical clearing method you choose will depend on the type of tissue you are imaging, your fluorescent labels and the size of the sample itself. Lightsheet 7 is designed to match all of these different conditions. You can now image specimens at up to 2 cm in size at any refractive index between 1.33 and 1.58, and in almost all clearing solutions. This stable turnkey light sheet microscope lets you acquire overview images and data with subcellular resolution. Whether you work with optically cleared organoids, spheroids, organs, brains or other specimens, Lightsheet 7 is your microscope of choice for fast, gentle LSFM imaging.

  • Get Best Image Quality and Stability

Take your LSFM imaging a step further to tackle a broad range of applications and achieve best image quality with your easy-to-use Lightsheet 7. Newly designed optics and sample chambers let you adjust to the perfect refractive index. The new sample holder makes mounting larger specimens simple. Smart software tools help you adjust imaging parameters, such as light sheet and sample positions, the right zoom settings, tiles and positions as well as data processing parameters. All of these new features go hand in hand with the reliable ZEISS combination of cylindrical lens optics and laser scanning to generate the illumination light sheet. Add the patented Pivot Scan technology and get artifact-free optical sections with best image quality.

  • Observe Real Life – Fast and Sensitively

Your Lightsheet 7 now features the high quantum efficiency of pco.edge sCMOS detectors to enable observations of the fastest processes at the lowest illumination light levels. You'll get a real life view of your samples without the adverse effects of excitation light on their biology. For vertically oriented specimens and highest frame rates, opt for the CMOS detector Axiocam 702: a special sample chamber provides heating, cooling and CO2 to maintain the perfect environment for your experiments. Add Multiview and triggering options to control external devices – Lightsheet 7 is your ideal light sheet microscope to observe live processes in an almost unlimited range of organisms.

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