Zeiss Axiocam 512 mono

Simpler. More intelligent. More integrated.

With a sensor size of 1” (16 mm diagonal) this 12 megapixel CCD sensor delivers an excellent live image of fluorescent samples. That lets you acquire large object fields with low magnification and high numerical aperture objectives, and with good resolution – all in one shot.

Images acquired with typical optical microscopes always feature a compromise between the level of detail in the image and how much of a sample can be shown. For example, densely packed individual cells often cannot be distinguished in an image that shows an entire organism, larger colonies or cells. With Axiocam 512 mono you capture tissues and other samples in a way that allows the study of fine details.

The number of images necessary for large area acquisition is significantly reduced so you get more valuable data in less time, not only in screening applications.

If you need to increase sensitivity for your live cell applications, you can do this with pixel binning.

  • Large field of view with high resolution of 12 megapixels
  • 1” CCD sensor (diagonal 16 mm)
  • Excellent live image and high acquisition speed
  • 10 fps at full resolution of 4248 × 2832
  • 22 fps in HD format (1936 × 1080)
  • Highest resolution with a large field of view: 3.1 μm pixels make it perfect for high-aperture and low-magnification objectives
  • Simple PC connection through super-speed USB 3.0 interface technology
  • Thermo electrical cooled sensor

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