Zeiss Cell Observer

Efficient Observation of Living Cells

With the versatile Cell Observer system, you visualize living organisms and intracellular processes, even over a period of several days. Acquire time lapse and Z-stack images in a fraction of a second with the Cell Observer HS, high-speed version. It delivers up to 300 images per second at equidistant intervals and with reproducible acquisition conditions.
  • Complete system for rapid acquisition of images in several dimensions
  • Combine up to 32** or 5* channels, Z-stacks, time lapse images, and any number of specimen positions and tiled** images
  • Optional high-speed components, such as fast-switching, excitation light sources, shutters and piezo steppers*
  • Time lapse images with up to 85 images/s in 2-channel fluorescence or up to 300 images/s in single-channel mode*
  • Second-by-second acquisition of a Z-stack image in 2-channels for 3D information*
  • Incubators configurable with heat, carbon dioxide or oxygen controls
  • Thermally stabilized chamber incubator for experiments over long periods
  • Equidistant intervals ensured by separating image processing from acquisition*

*) Cell Observer HS
**) Cell Observer

  Convenient generation of meaningful time lapse images
With Cell Observer, you can structure your experiments with extreme flexibility. The system has various incubators which guarantee constant culture conditions for the entire duration of your experiment. In addition, with Incubator XL, the system obtains the thermal stability essential for long term experiments.

Acquire, process and measure dynamic processes in a wide variety of applications and publish them as attractive video sequences. All this is possible, with a very low learning curve, due to the universal operating concept and optimally integrated system components.

Capture events in several dimensions at very high acquisition speeds. The high-speed Cell Observer HS enables images acquisition of rapid changes to cells and cell structures in several dimensions and with free selection of the right contrasting technique.

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