Zeiss Axiocam 705 Pol

Your Scientific 5 Megapixel Microscope Camera for Single-shot Polarization Imaging

Axiocam 705 pol is your scientific 5 megapixel camera with polarization filter mask enhanced sensor. When using a polarized illumination source, a single image is sufficient to capture different polarization parameters such as angle of polarization, degree of polarization together with the image content as separate image layers. No additional polarization analyzer in your microscope is required. You simultaneously acquire all polarization effects with one single exposure over the field of view and speed up your imaging. Optionally, you can visualize the polarization properties of your sample as easy-to-read pseudo color image.

  • 5 megapixel cooled polarization sensitive CMOS sensor
  • Meaningful methods for visualization of multiple polarization parameters
  • Wide sensitivity spectrum 350 nm – 1000 nm
  • Low readout noise and analogue signal amplification
  • Dynamic range of 1:25,000 in high-dynamic range (HDR) mode
  • Small 6.9 μm per polarization pixel unit for high resolution imaging
  • Hardware triggering

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