Zeiss Axioscan 7


Your High-performance Slide Scanner for Fluorescence, Brightfield and Polarization

Digitize your specimens with Axioscan 7 – the reliable, reproducible way to create high-quality virtual microscope slides. Axioscan 7 combines qualities that you would not expect to get in a slide scanner: high speed digitization and outstanding image quality plus an unrivaled variety of imaging modes are all available in a fully automated and easy to operate system.

The most challenging research tasks as well as your routine scanning applications are supported by powerful hardware and perfectly featured software. Capture virtual slides quickly with high-speed scanning, while retaining consistently high quality, whether you want to capture brightfield, fluorescence or polarized light images.

  • Fast automated scanning of up to 100 slides in a single run
  • Robust scan performance for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Easy-to-create scan profiles with intuitive wizards
  • Rapid switching among fluorescence, brightfield, and polarization
  • Sophisticated filter concept for demanding fluorescence imaging
  • Perfect image quality thanks to advanced Axiocam cameras

24/7 Scan Performance

From an automated system, you expect absolute reliability for continuous operation. ZEISS Axioscan 7 repeatedly produces digitized slides at dramatically improved speed, thanks to hardware components designed for extended, uninterrupted operation. A fully motorized condenser, powerful light sources and sensitive cameras ensure 24/7 scan performance, whether you have many similar slides or mixed applications to process. Easily assigned scan profiles allow acquisition runs to be set up quickly. Axioscan 7 software is built to flawlessly process large amounts of raw data – in the range of several terabytes.

The Bigger Picture

Slide Scanning within the ZEN Environment

ZEN Slidescan is integrated within the powerful ZEN imaging software universe, which provides access to numerous additional processing
and analysis functions. ZEN Connect, the ZEISS software for correlative microscopy, enables more advanced workflows – from automated slide scanning to detailed studies on other microscope systems. The established CZI data format opens the possibility to use additional third-party data analysis tools. With ZEN Data Storage and ZEN Data Explorer, you can access and share your scanned data from anywhere, at any time.

A Variety of Super-fast Brightfield Imaging Modes

The newly designed condenser with its motorized modulator disk allows automatic switching between different brightfield imaging modes to adapt to the different requirements of your applications, opening a new range of experiments and modality combinations.

  • Dramatically improved scan speeds in all brightfield imaging modes
  • Better sample detection and focusing
  • New phase and relief contrast options
  • Circular and linear polarization now fully supported

Highly Productive Fluorescence Imaging

Speed, gentle treatment and the optimal wavelength are critical when it comes to multispectral fluorescence imaging. Axioscan 7 employs swift and reproducible LED illumination, fast filter wheels, and a sophisticated filter concept to efficiently separate a broad range of fluorescence channels.

  • Shortest possible exposure times for maximum specimen protection
  • Fast switching between up to 9 fluorescence channels
  • Perfect spectral separation for advanced fluorescence multiplexing applications
  • Unparalleled information density without compromising data quality

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