Zeiss Axiocam 712 mono

Fast High Resolution Imaging of Large Specimen Areas

When you need to image large specimen regions with high speed and sensitivity, Axiocam 712 mono is your ideal microscope camera. Its large 12 megapixel CMOS sensor with small pixels delivers top optical resolution. Lowest noise and high quantum efficiency allow you to tackle demanding fluorescence applications with highest sensitivity.

Combining a large sensor with an abundance of small and sensitive pixels makes your Axiocam 712 mono a very flexible microscope camera, suitable for countless different applications, especially in fluorescence imaging. Axiocam 712 mono’s actively cooled CMOS sensor offers lowest readout noise and stable operation over long periods of time. Exposure times can range from 100 μs for the most dynamic specimens up to 60 s for detection of the dimmest signals.

This microscope camera delivers more than 20 frames per second at full pixel count and goes up to more than 100 frames per second with a reduced pixel count. Hardware triggering enables precise synchronization of your multidimensional imaging experiments while the global shutter camera architecture makes sure your images always stay free of motion artefacts. Peak quantum efficiency of over 72%, a broad detection spectrum and a high near-IR sensitivity complete this camera’s set of excellent features. That makes Axiocam 712 mono your all-in-one microscope camera for monochrome imaging applications, ranging from imaging of large sample regions and dynamic specimens to high-sensitivity microscopy of fragile fluorescent specimens.

  • 12-megapixel cooled global-shutter CMOS sensor
  • Large sensor for extended field of view
  • Wide sensitivity spectrum 350 nm – 1000 nm
  • 20 frames per second in full 12-megapixel resolution*
  • 30 frames per second of the entire field of view in live image mode*
  • Low readout noise and analogue signal amplification
  • Exclusive noise inhibition technology for lowlight imaging
  • Dynamic range of 1:25,000 in HDR mode
  • Small 3.45 μm pixels for high-resolution imaging
  • Hardware triggering
*Specified framerate assumes a sufficiently performant computer
  and a short camera exposure time.

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