Everyday Consumables

Consumables for your microscope needs

Immersion oil

Zeiss have the perfect immersion oil to match your high quality objectives. This is a Type A immersion oil and comes with its own dispenser tip

Flourescence Oil

If you need special immersion oil to help with your flourescence imaging, this is it. This special; oil will help reduce auto-flourescence giving better images

Lens Tissue

Lens tissue must be used on objectives to maintain the special coatings lenses have. Zeiss lens tissue is formulated to help keep your lenses safe and clean. Box of 300 sheets.

Cover Slips

Cover glasses, high performance, D=0.17mm, box with 1000 pc. Size 18x18 mm² type 1 1/2 H as per ISO 8255-1 with restricted thickness-related tolerance D=0.17 mm +/- 0.005 mm refractive index = 1.5255 +/- 0.0015, Abbe number = 56 +/-2 recommended for applications with high numerical aperture objectives

Spare Dust Cover

Although your microscope will have come with a dust cover, it may need to be replaced. We have a range of covers to suit different models.

Largest Bulb Collection

At Micron Optical we carry the largest selection of bulbs in Ireland for different microscopes. We have LED, Mercury, Halogen and even still some Tungston. Contact us today to see if we have one for your microscope.

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