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Micron CoolR BROOKE

Research Cooled CCD Camera






Opening a new era of high sensitivity imaging applications!





Backside-illuminated sCMOS technology

The Micron CoolRBROOKEuses backside-illuminated sCMOS thinned chip technology to avoid light interference from the wiring layer, thereby increasing the pixel area and improving the photoelectric conversion rate,



Ultra-high quantum efficiency

At 560nm, the quantum efficiency of CoolRBROOKE is 95%, which a front illuminated sCMOS camera cannot match, and is comparable to the best EMCCD camera.





Red :              Micron CoolRBROOKE

Yellow :          97% QE EMCCD camera

Blue :              82% QE sCMOS camera



Excellent signal to noise ratio                                                                                      

The BROOKEread noise is only 1.45 electrons(peak), therefore the signal to noise ratio is significantly better than other sCMOS cameras, and when the incident photons are>3, there is a better performance than EMCCD based cameras.



Red :              Micron CoolRBROOKE(High Gain)

Purple:           MicronCoolRBROOKE(Low Gain)          

Yellow :          97% QE EMCCD camera

Blue :              82% QE sCMOS camera




2" large field of view

 The 2" array can not only adapt to more optical interfaces and deliver a greater field of view, but also results in fewer lens switches to find the area of interest on the sample.





 Red :              2”  CoolRBROOKE

Blue :              1.2” sCMOS camera

Yellow:           2/3” EMCCD camera








Challenge the most extreme applications

Under very weak laser illumination (< 0.002 kW cm-2 ), the BROOKE camera showed comparable fluorescent intensity to the 97%QE EMCCD camera with 100 EM gain. On the other hand, it had similar background fluorescence noise when comparing to the 82%QE sCMOS camera, which has 1.0e-low read noise.



  1. 97% QE EMCCD     B. Micron CoolRBROOKE       C. 82% QE sCMOS                    



Application case reference: STORM super resolution imaging

STORM stochastic optical imaging microscopy is one of the most widely used and the highest resolution super-resolution methods. It requires a camera to have the performance advantages of high quantum efficiency, high frame rate and low noise in the visible range. Its spatial resolution is determined by the single molecule localization accuracy and Nyquist resolution simultaneously.