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Microscope Incubators

System solutions for Live Cell Imaging

Carl Zeiss incubation systems combine precision with complete system integration. Heat or cool your specimens. Use complex incubation solutions which take all parameters into consideration. Just as in the living organism – natural environment for the cell observed:

Protection against Desiccation
Correct Temperature
CO2 Control for the correct pH Value
Physiological O2 Concentrations

Use either the TFT touch screen display or the AxioVision system software for centralized control of the microscope and the incubation.

Manipulation through Variation of Incubation Parameters

Added Manipulation Capabilities
Programmable Temperature Change
Variation of O2 Concentration

Incubators for every Field of Application
Carl Zeiss offers small incubators, which give you maximum handling space, as well as large incubators and special DARK, TIRF and LSM versions, which cover every requirement. The models for micromanipulation under CO2 atmosphere will satisfy your special needs.

Stackable Modules for Economical Upgrading and Modification
The stacking concept for the control modules is space-saving, economical and exclusive to Carl Zeiss.



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